The ultimate soap film cleaner for REFINISHED SURFACES 

As professional bathtub refinishers, our process is to make sure a tub is clean and free from soap film and contaminates. We have tried many many cleaners that were supposed to cut soap film but nothing worked well.

We found a chemist and his chemical company that specializes in developing cleaners. We approached him with our requirements for a cleaner that would actually work. After several formulations, we feel we have a cleaner that is dialed in to cutting soap film better than anything we have found. It chemically penetrates soap film, breaking down the organic compounds that cause it to adhere to surfaces such as your tub and tile.

We also found a perfect match to it in a non-abrasive scrubbing pad that makes the two in combination unbeatable for cleaning built up soap film on porcelain, glass, fiberglass, chrome, tubs, tiles and INCLUDING REFINISHED TUBS/TILES. (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR STAINLESS STEEL OR NICKEL PLATED FIXTURES).

To use: Spray Eliminator cleaner on dry soap film. The longer you let it work the better it will clean. We recommend leaving it untouched for 10-20 minutes. Most mild soap film will rinse off. Use the scrubbing pad to agitate heavier buildup of soap film. Rinse with clean water.

Eye and skin protection is recommended. See warning label on bottles or email us at cleaner@nationaltubandtile.com for an MSDS sheet.