Q: What is Easy-Restore?
A: Easy-Restore is a patent pending, plastic and vinyl molecular restoration product.. Prior restoration of many products were limited to painting, waxing, polishing or merely cleaning. Easy Restore is  truly a restoration product that brings the life back to products such as Vinyl Shutters, Vinyl Clad Doors, Plastic Resin Patio Furniture like the very common plastic Adirondack chairs as well as Boat/RV graphics and Car and Truck parts. It EXCEEDS the OEM requirements for automotive aftermarket products. It restores and seals easily. 

Q: How does it work?

A. It works by filling in the spaces between the molecules. Imagine a cement block as the surface of most substrates with the texture of the concrete representing the molecules. If you magnify vinyl, plastics, and painted surfaces, it will have high and low spots caused by the shape of the molecules just like the surface of concrete, When Easy Restore is applied to this surface, it fills in the gaps of the molecules causing a more even, smoother surface protecting it from the harshness of weather and sun. ​

Q: How are you different from other product out there?
A: We are different in a couple of ways. Our competitors sell their product as 1.5 oz and our package is a full 4 ounces. You get much more for what you purchase and it goes much farther. A gallon will restore approximately 1100 square feet of surface. Our wipe on kit will cover over 32 sq feet of surface. The instructions from our competition requires you to clean and remove the oxidation from your shutters or substrate. This requires much more work on your part. Easy Restore cuts through the oxidation. Simply brush off dirt and apply.

Q. How do I know it will work on my project?
A. Simple- Just wet your finger and wipe it on your item. If it changes color, it will work. However, it will not work on all faded items. There is a big difference between faded/oxidized  items and sun bleached items. If the vinyl or plastic does not change color with moisture applied, then the sun has bleached the color out of it and there is little you can do to restore it. If the moisture applied changes the color, that is basically what the substrate, (your plastic or vinyl item) will look like when you apply Easy Restore. 

Q: Is it hard to use or apply?
A: No, we developed this to be applied simply by wiping it on, letting it dry. We include details instructions with each kit, but basically, clean the substrate, let it dry, pour a little Easy Restore on a microfiber pad, (included) and wipe it on. It can be applied in sun or shade, however it will dry quickly if applied in direct sunlight. 

Q: How long does it take to dry?
A: Usually it dries in a 6-8 hours. We recommend letting it dry for at least 24 hours before putting it back in use. However, weather such as temperature and humidity will affect the drying time. With Doors and Shutters, they can be done in place and be used immediately. You should test the items restored in an inconspicuous area before using it on a full item.

Q: How long will it last?
A: We developed Easy-Restore to penetrate into different substrates and fuse to it, becoming part of the item you apply it to. We added molecular bonding agents to insure superior bonding abilities.This means that the item you apply it to should fail before Easy-Restore will. It is designed to never peel, flake off, or crack. WE GUARANTEE IT! (See our Warranty page for our 10 year warranty) It has also been developed to be highly resistant to abrasion (4H hardness) and wear and UV protection meaning it gives added life to your projects.  Easy Restore MUST be stored where temperatures do not exceed 80 degrees or it will start to cure. Once opened, it has a 30 day shelf life. (We suggest keeping it refrigerated to extend the shelf life.)

Q: The sun beats directly on my shutters and door. How will the sun affect it?
A: Easy-Restore contains UV protection and should give added protection to your project that is normally affected by sun, rain, weather, or salt spray. Applying it in direct sunlight can be done, but you may want to work quickly since the sun will have it dry quickly.

Q: How do I know if I am applying it correctly?    
A: You will know you are applying it correctly when you see the item look wet and shiny. It will look clean and bright and possibly look better than when it was new. Applying it too heavily may cause streaking. Just a few drops on the applicator pad is all it takes. As you wipe it on, simply wipe it off. The amount left on the substrate will seal, renew and protect it. The biggest mistake made is trying to apply it to heavily, like paint. Easy Restore is a molecular renewal system, and you only need a very small amount to renew your items. Just apply enough to wet the plastic or vinyl item.

Q: How much do I need?
A: Unlike paint or polishes, very little goes a very long way. You only need a few drops on the applicator pad. This will do several feet of shutters or boat graphics. An ounce or so will do an entire set of chairs or an entire boat. One kit is designed to do approximately 4-6  full sized shutters. Shutters that are louvered take a bit more to restore, so consider 5 shutters per kit. Raised panel shutters take less, so one kit should cover 6 or more. The coverage is approximately 32 sq ft per kit or 1100 sq ft per gallon.

Q: Why can't I just paint my shutters?
A: You certainly can if you intend to change the color. Easy Restore brings back the original color without the peeling issues of painting, especially on vinyl. To paint them, you will need to thoroughly clean then, prime them with a plastic approved primer, and a top coat that is suitable for vinyl.  We feel you shouldn't work that hard to make your item shine again!


National Tub and Tile Refinishers use cleaners as part of the tub cleaning process prior to refinishing. We found that all the cleaners we tried, required heavy scrubbing or heavy abrasives to get the tub clean. We found a chemist and his chemical company that developed specific cleaners as per a customers needs. We worked with them for months developing a cleaner that not only would quickly clean tubs/tiles and grout lines, but would also be safe for the customer/homeowner to use on the refinished tub/tiles. We wanted a cleaner that would also clean vinyl and fiberglass as well as porcelain, glass, countertops, chrome and more. 

Q: How do I use Eliminator?

A: Simply spray Eliminator on the surface, wait for 10-20 minutes for it to start working on the soap film. For tough stains and heavier soap film, brush or use a non abrasive brush to agitate the soap film, then rinse clean.

Q: How much will a quart clean?

A: You should be able to clean your tub over 25 times with one quart of Eliminator. 

Easy Restore LLC is a division of National Tub and Tile Refinishing. Easy Restore was originally designed to restore the lustre to fiberglass tubs, and while it works well on tubs, it is only recommended that tubs be done by professionals to insure a glass like finish.