Kate said: May 18th, 2016
I just used my first application of Easy Restore on my old vinyl shutters that were present when I bought this very old house a year and a half ago. I am having my deck and front porch painted and the crew power washed the vinyl siding before starting to paint. The shutters were heavily oxidized and looked washed out. With one application the shutters look new. Tell me how to share photos so everyone can see the results! It's pretty amazing! I would highly recommend using an N-95 mask in addition to the nitrile gloves that were included when using. The product has a very strong chemical odor but I still believe it is worth the "safe use" exposure to avoid the expense of buying new shutters. 

Don't Replace - Restore! 10 Year Money Back Guarantee!


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Jean Holloway said:   July 18th, 2015 1:56 pm
I ordered this kit from UK having found nothing here to help restore our motorhome decals. They had already split from the sunshine, but I thought Easy Restore was worth trying. How glad I am.....the decal stripes look absolutely amazing....back to the original colour and the motorhome looks years younger! WOW are we pleased! Thank you so much! ...it also worked a treat on our classic car wing mirrors!

Diane Reutzel said:   June 3rd, 2015 2:53 pm
Easy Restore Home & Shutter Restoration Kit Didi in pittsburgh Not one for writing reviews but couldn't help myself. This is one amazing product. Applied to shutters with a sponge mop several years ago and they still look brand new. Loved that I didn't need to remove shutters from the house. Also used it on my grandkids playset on the plastic windows, sides of the slide and rock wall which had badly oxidized with the Pittsburgh winters and sun. Thrilled to have found this fabulous product.

Marianne Marsolais said:   May 31st, 2015 3:24 am
I'm a huge fan of Easy Restore, which I used on my dulled minivan bumpers and trim back around 2011, and it still looks great now in 2015. The product is easy to use, and the results are really amazing--and the finish lasts! I had been wondering for years if something like this existed, and had the good luck of meeting its inventor, who told me about what he had just developed. Anyone who helps keep plastics from winding up in landfills prematurely deserves some kind of "green" prize. I look forward to finding many more uses for the product!

We are proud to introduce the world's first air cure clear neuro-molecular restoration system that exceeds automotive OEM specifications. Easy-Restore is designed to cut through heavy oxidation to restore the original color and add extreme gloss and BE PERMANENT. 

We are so confident in its ability that we guarantee it to stand up to any weather for 10 YEARS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! (See warranty information page). 

It can be used on:

- New or Old Vinyl Shutters
- Siding
- Automotive Trim

- Outdoor Furniture
- Marine and RV Exterior Trim and Graphics
- Playground Equipment
- And any plastic substrate that has oxidized


There is one way to test to see. With a wet finger (or cloth) wipe it. If the hazy white oxidation disappears, Easy Restore will work perfectly. It cuts through the oxidation. If it doesn't change the color, it's bleached and nothing will bring it back.